Maneki Blues
Silk Scarf Design
This scarf is a part of a very limited edition silk scarves. Only 20 of them were produced and they will not be reproduced again. The size of the scarf is 90x90 cm.

The main source of inspiration for this design were famous Japanese maneki-neko cats which are often believed to bring good luck. The scarf contains different kinds of cats with different attributes so it is supposed to bring a whole bunch of luck to the owner.

According to the traditional interpretation the raised left paw attracts new friends and connections while the right attracts money. Both raised paws attract all good luck at once and protect home and business. Some cats are pictured with all the four paws raised and that promises to double the dose of good luck.

There are five cats on the scarf as it is considered a lucky and sacred number, because there are five most desired goals for each person (in Chinese tradition): longevity, wealth, health, virtue and natural death.

One of the cats is holding a Daruma doll, which is also a talisman of good luck and fulfilling desires. A cat with a fish (carp) and bamboo leaves stands for health and vitality. A cat with a paper origami crane means long life and wisdom. A bell hanging on one of the cats' neck repels evil spirits, attracts luck, it is also a symbol of purity of thought and openness to changes and challenges. Another important symbol is an eggplant, which in Japan is a traditional symbol of determination to achieve one's goals and dedication to them.

Even if you do not believe in this symbolism about good luck, still you can enjoy wearing this beautiful accessory.

Maneki Blues scarf was auctioned during Dutch Design Week 2015 (Eindhoven) as a part of Design Auction organised by Sissy-Boy at their flagship store in De Blob.

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